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    Dr. Tommie Clewis

    I believe that behind life is the unseen hand of God, ordering all things after the counsel of His will.

    Justice Benjamin N. Cardozo made the statement that like many of the finest things in life, like happiness, tranquility and fame, the gain that was most precious was not the thing sought, but one that came of itself in the search for something else.

    Almost 30 years have passed since I began the journey of a chiropractic physician; undergirded by my best friend, my wife, Janice and two wonderful sons Dr. Jason Clewis and paramedic Brandon Clewis. Together we traveled the road of destiny.

    Serendipity is defined as “the ability of finding valuable things unexpectedly and not sought for.” Through my many years of experience I have been awarded a Diplomate in Bio-energetic Synchronization Technique. I’ve also been awarded advanced certification in the diagnosis and treatment of acceleration/deceleration trauma and whiplash related temporo-mandibular joint disorders. In 2005, 2006 and 2007 I was also awarded Best of the Best as the Best Chiropractor in Richmond County.

    So, as I have traveled my road of destiny what you may wonder is how serendipity has played a role in my life. I pursued an education that placed me in a field of expertise that allowed me to take care of my wife, my sons and myself, which as I began my travel, this was my primary focus. What I found unexpectedly was a passion to help and teach others. I developed an enhanced ability to find the hidden causes of pain and discomfort that sometimes seems so easy to evade us. Whether the need is physical, mental or spiritual my hearts desire is to help people help themselves. My daily prayer is for an enhanced sensitivity in each of these areas so that I may be the best physician each individual I encounter needs me to be.

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